U.S. Energy Department balks at Trump request for names on climate change

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"Our career workforce, including our contractors and employees at our labs, comprise the backbone of (the Energy Department) and the important work our department does to benefit the American people," Burnham-Snyder said.

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The memo sought a list of all department employees or contractors who have attended any meetings on the social cost of carbon, a measurement that federal agencies use to weigh the costs and benefits of new energy and environmental regulations. It also asked for all publications written by employees at the department's 17 national laboratories for the past three years.

Talking cars and trucks would use dedicated short range communications to transmit data up to 300 meters, such as location, direction and speed, to nearby vehicles. That data would be updated and broadcast up to 10 times per second to nearby vehicles, which can identify risks and provide warnings to drivers to avoid imminent crashes.

Tens of thousands of them fled to parts of the city held by the government or by a Kurdish militia, and tens of thousands more retreated further into the rebel enclave as it rapidly shrank under the army's lightning advance.

Josh Earnest, a White House spokesman, said in a news briefing on Tuesday that the queries "could have been an attempt to target civil servants," including "scientists and lawyers and other experts who are critical to the success of the federal government's ability to make policy.

Trump, a Republican, said during his election campaign that climate change was a hoax perpetrated by China to damage U. He said he would rip up last year's landmark global climate deal struck in Paris that was signed by President Barack Obama.

Transportation Department on Tuesday proposed requiring all new cars and trucks to be able to "talk" to one another using short-range wireless technology to potentially avoid tens of thousands of crashes annually.

Last year, there were 6. traffic deaths jumped 10. 4 percent in the first six months of 2016. The jump follows a spike in 2015, when road deaths rose 7. 2 percent to 35,092, the highest full-year increase since 1966. In October, NHTSA said U.

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The agency employs more than 90,000 people working on nuclear weapons maintenance and research labs, nuclear energy, advanced renewable energy, batteries and climate science. Reuters reported late Monday that former Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to be named by Trump to run the Energy Department.

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It accused them of "slaughter". The United Nations earlier on Tuesday voiced deep concern about reports it had received of Syrian soldiers and allied Iraqi fighters summarily shooting dead 82 people in recaptured east Aleppo districts.

As the battle for Aleppo unfolded, global concern has risen over the plight of the 250,000 civilians who were thought to remain in its rebel-held eastern sector before the sudden army advance began at the end of November.

Fear stalked the city's streets. Others stayed in their homes and awaited the Syrian army's arrival. Some survivors trudged in the rain past dead bodies to the government-held west or the few districts still in rebel hands.

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envoy Vitaly Churkin late on Tuesday at a heated meeting of the U. "The Syrian government has established control over east Aleppo. "Over the last hour we have received information that the military activities in east Aleppo have stopped, it has stopped," said Russia's U.

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