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    I had been for a sun bed and was waiting at the tube station, it's always windy waiting by the track, the cool breeze was refreshing on my warm tanned skin. I was back in London after finishing uni, and extremely excited to be back in my home town after being at university in Scotland for such a long time. Turning my head to view the guy I quickly took in his appearance, dresses in smart grey suit trousers and a white shirt with the top button undone this was obviously someone on a work trip. ...
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    This story happened last year. I work for a golf course, which in turns owns a few other courses around the city and the area. Each year, around August, we have a company party where pretty much anyone who wants who has worked there can come, get wasted, make some bad decisions, and start the school year or new jobs later in the week. At the time, was a -year-old manager at one of the area golf courses.

    By boss, the owner of all these courses and businesses, has a HUGE house. One ...
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    There is a trail a few miles down near the beach that I go to often. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and the smell of salt water calm me. The trail is pretty well known, and there is always joggers scattered in between. It's a cool summer day.

    I look over and notice one of the runners has stopped jogging and is starting at my breasts. I put in my earphones and start my run through the trail, passing a man with his dog, and an elderly couple walking.

    I ...
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    We went out for drinks, and naturally got talking about guys. I was kind of nervous about answering this, as I'd never actually told anyone IRL about my size fetish. She's never been with a black guy, and so was interested by this. She's been traveling a lot. I told her that, in his case, it was definitely true.

    I told her I've been seeing a guy, on and off, and that I could tell he was doing well. He was in shape, with dirty blonde hair, and a little stubble. I felt a little out ...
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    He took an exit and wandered off into the dark country roads. It seemed to take forever, my bladder was aching and I was squirming in my seat with my fists pressed up against my crotch. we had almost a 1/2 hour to drive home down the freeway when I realized I needed to go. Telling Sir, I expected he'd pull into a truckstop.

    But he had a better idea. Rubbing my damp clit through my soft, thin panties helped me hold it in, but it didn't exactly make me more comfortable. Instead of relief, ...
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